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About Us

On May 31, 2015 God called upon a third generation of pastors, Primo & Cindy Alaniz III, to begin a new chapter, Momentum Church BCS, a Christian and nondenominational church in Downtown Bryan. Our location,1216 Beck St, has a history of being holy ground. For 30 years our church was Sanctuary of Praise of Primo's parents, Pastors Jose & Margaret Alaniz Jr. Before that, Iglesia Puerta de Salvacion (Door of Salvation Church) of Primo's grandparents, Pastors Joe & Catarina Alaniz Sr. 
Pastors Primo and Cindy Alaniz III, with God at the center, oversee the flock that is Momentum Church BCS. With a passion for souls and servants hearts, they lead their congregation on the path to righteousness through biblically sound teachings, honesty, transparency, and most importantly love. A love that has spread throughout their congregation so much so that they they all consider one another "family."
At Momentum, we believe that God meets you where you are and we encourage you to come as you are. You will be welcomed and invited in, by imperfect people who serve a perfect God. We know our journey of faith is not an easy one. We are thankful for this family, brothers and sisters in Christ who understand the importance of fellowship and discipleship. Our family environment encourages sharing in the experience that is our "faith walk."
God is doing a work within us and we are excited in this season of growth! We are blessed with people who have been called to serve and to lead and therefore have multiple ministries you can connect with!
(Please see our "MCBCS Ministries" tab for a complete list.)
We have something for everyone and encourage you to catch the Momentum!


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